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here’s how i finally got rid of nail fungus after 5 years of frustration & what to do when nothing seems to work

My 12-Week Journey to Naturally Overcome 5 Years of Nail Fungus Without Oral Medication

19/04/2024, By Amelia Parker

I’m going to be really open about my situation here. So please don’t judge…


Nail fungus has plagued my life for years, causing lots of embarrassing and uncomfortable moments.

I reckon it all started years ago after using a communal shower. Those shared facilities must have been crawling with bacteria, and that’s where I believe I picked up the infection. 


Since then, the fungus took hold and wouldn’t let go, no matter what I tried.


I’m 46, and for 5 years, I struggled with yellowing, thickening toenails causing a constant source of shame. I constantly worried about what others would think if they saw my feet.


But the embarrassment didn't stop there. By the fourth year of this relentless fungal invasion, my feet had developed an unpleasant odor.


The smell was so bad that I was horrified to take off my shoes in yoga class, fearing the judgmental stares and whispered comments.


The most upsetting part of this situation was the fear of passing the fungus on to my husband. We shared a bed, and the thought of him catching this unsightly condition filled me with guilt and anxiety. It strained our intimacy and made me feel like a burden.


Over the years, I had tried every imaginable remedy: over-the-counter creams, stinky home remedies like tea tree oil and vinegar soaks, and even pricy prescription oral medications that came with a laundry list of side effects. 

The side effects of the oral medications were particularly concerning, as they posed serious risks to my liver.


Despite the potential damage to my health, nothing seemed to work. The fungus would temporarily retreat, giving me false hope, only to return with a vengeance, more aggressive than before, leaving me feeling defeated and desperate.


The thought of forever hiding my feet, missing out on pool days with my kids, girls' nights out, and the simple joy of wearing sandals filled me with despair.

In my desperation, I searched the internet, searching for any solution that could finally rid me of this persistent problem. After months of research, I stumbled upon a study from dermatologists at Adelaide University.

The University of Adelaide has a renowned Mycology Department that specializes in the identification and management of human and animal fungal infections.

This scientific breakthrough study has given me a glimmer of hope.


After years of rigorous research and countless trial and error, scientists from Adelaide University have finally uncovered the shocking reason why nail fungus is so difficult to eliminate, and why fungal infections keep coming back. 

The Hidden Truth About Nail Fungus

So what happens when you come into contact with fungus?


The short answer is that it starts to spread. Fungus have long branches that are called hyphae and you can think of them as being similar to the roots of a tree. 


Once infected, your fungal infection feeds off your skin, your nails.


These hyphae grow inside, spreading further and deeper, covering most of your nails and even penetrating under the nail bed, becoming embedded.

What's even creepier is the fact that these hyphae are self-replicating which means that they continue to reproduce and create new cells again and again all of which makes your fungal infections increasingly difficult to kill. 


Makes sense?


Good because this is important to understanding why it's so hard to kill your fungal infection.


One, the fungus continues to self-replicate which means it's hard to kill all of it at once.

Two, since the fungus digs deep into your nail, skin, and hair, many surface treatments aren't effective because they don't penetrate deep enough into the infected area. 


This explains why so many Aussies suffer from recurring fungus. Even when their skin or nails clear up, there's still fungus buried deep inside like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.


This also explains why people with poor circulation are more likely to get fungal infections because your white blood cells can kill foreign invaders like fungus, but when circulation is bad, you don't get as many white blood cells to the infected area and your fungal infection keeps digging deeper and deeper.


For years, we've been treating nail fungus the entirely wrong way. Traditional treatments focus on merely killing the fungus on the surface of the nail, but they utterly fail to reach the true source of the problem, the nail matrix ( Nail bed ), where the fungus thrives and multiplies.


This is why the fungus relentlessly keeps coming back, no matter how many ineffective treatments you try.

I finally understood how nail fungus develops and why it's so hard to get rid of, explaining why NOTHING I tried before worked.

But now, researchers have developed a groundbreaking, scientifically-proven approach that specifically targets and obliterates the fungus from the nail matrix. 


By delivering a powerful, clinically-tested antifungal agent directly to the source of the infection, this new treatment promises to finally and permanently eliminate nail fungus for good.

The study results show that you can only successfully get rid of nail fungus if you fight the fungus at the root…

Remember when I told you earlier about fungal infections, how the fungus on your nails continues to self replicate and branches out further and further, while also burrowing deep inside of you?


I mean even when you destroy fungal infection on the surface, it can still be hidden under the nail bed (the nail matrix) and keep spreading. 


Well, research has shown that a combination of three powerful active ingredients stops fungal cells from growing new branches. 


This means that once you apply this combo to the infected area, the fungus can no longer replicate. As a result, when you treat your fungal infection with these ingredients, it gradually starts to die off.


To combat nail fungus where it arises, namely at the root, these 3 steps are necessary:

1. To get to the nail root, you have to “open the nail at the cellular level. In this way, the fungicidal active ingredients can reach the roots .


2. Only then can the antifungal (fungicidal) active ingredients completely kill the nail fungus in the nail matrix .


3. You must then ensure that the nail regenerates and grows back healthily .

Only if you “open” the fungus at the cellular level, kill the fungus at the nail root and regenerate the nail, will you have a long-lasting result.

According to the study, this is achieved by combining specific ingredients, as using them separately is proven ineffective.

Lemon juice:

Lemon juice "opens" the nail (at the cellular level) to allow all the active ingredients to go directly into the nail matrix (root).


This is achieved thanks to the acid present in lemon juice, which increases the permeability of the nail.


As already mentioned, the fungus is often deep in the nail and conventional remedies do not reach the matrix at all, but only remove the fungus superficially.


This is exactly where the problem with most home remedies lies.


They can sometimes kill the fungus, but only on the surface.


This means that the fungus keeps coming back because it is still in the matrix.


The lemon juice opens the nail and allows the killing ingredients to penetrate properly.

Tea tree oil:

Tea tree oil, on the other hand, is an anti-fungal ingredient that helps to eliminate nail fungus. 

But: Using tea tree oil alone does not work because it does not reach the nail matrix on its own.

This requires a combination with lemon juice, as this must first “open” the nail.

This is the only way the tea tree oil can work on the nail root and kill the fungus from there.

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E plays a crucial role in skin and nail care.


Because: it ensures that the nail regenerates


Vitamin E is a nutrient that increases the moisture content in the nail bed and at the nail root, thereby nourishing and strengthening the nail.


In this way, dry and brittle nails can regenerate and grow back healthy and strong. Vitamin E also helps stimulate nail growth so you can get rid of the old, broken nail faster.


Vitamin E is not contained in almost any nail fungus treatment and it is a crucial reason why the nail matrix formula works so well.


I know, that was a lot of information all at once.


For this reason, I have summarized the most important things for you in the following graphic:

Based on the results obtained from the research of Adelaide University, the company "NailScienceCo" developed the product called "Nail Care Pen".

What finally convinced me to order the Nail Care Pen was the numerous positive testimonials from users.

Australians Confirm The Effectiveness of Nail Care Pen:

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Made in Australia from natural ingredients

Olivia Grace  Verified Review

Rating:  5 Stars

Holy Grail Found?

After years of trying all kinds of products and foot baths for my yellowing thick toenails, none of which worked, this product shows promise. Within 1 week of using it twice daily, I noticed for the first time in years, pink nail coming from the cuticle area and is spreading upward. After 6 weeks the pinkness is about a third of the nail up.

Chloe Isabelle  Verified Review

Rating:  5 Stars


Works amazing. My feet feel and look so much better. I am so happy with this product.

Emily Rose  Verified Review

Rating:  5 Stars

Definitely doing something good

Not sure if this is a slow cure, or a decent coverup, or maybe a bit of both? After 2 pens the toenails most definitely appeared to have improved, just aesthetically a huge difference from other “home” remedies I’ve tried.

Mia Harper  Verified Review

Rating:  5 Stars

I've bought it twice. Seems to work but I'm also using other things & I'm not always good at putting it on daily. Life gets busy. But I recommend

So I decided to try the Nail Care Pen.


What did I have to lose?


My nails were awful anyway...


And it began to become an unbearable feeling, walking around with such disgusting feet.


So I ordered the Nail Care Pen.

My package arrived in the mail a few days later…

The “Nail Care Pen” is an Australian-made product that consists of purely plant-based active ingredients, completely free of chemicals and additives.


As mentioned earlier, it contains lemon juice and tea tree oil. In this product, these ingredients are combined in optimal proportions, along with other effective components like Vitamin E.


I was really excited to try out the pen, hopeful that it would finally provide a solution.

After using it consistently (and if I’m being honest, "religiously")

I don't want to spoil the surprise, but the fact that I'm writing this post shows just how much of a fan I've become of this product.


Because this natural solution worked!


Provided you take the 2 minutes a day to “Apply the pen” on the affected toenails or fingernails, you will see results.


I used the pen 3 times a day, as recommended.


After just 2 weeks, I saw the first signs of improvement.


A healthy nail started to grow back after 2 months.


I can't express the joy I felt, seeing daily improvements and watching the fungus finally disappear.


And the best part?


Not a single trace of new fungus appeared, keeping my nails perfectly healthy and clear!


What was promised was that I would fight my nail fungus - but I got more!


Not only did I finally get rid of the stubborn Mr. Fungus thanks to the Nail Care Pen, but I also enjoyed some extra benefits.

Even after the fungus disappeared, I continued to use the Nail Care Pen on a regular basis, and the results were amazing. 

The Result: My Nails Started to Grow Even Faster Too!

And not only that, but they looked healthy and radiant again, with a beautiful shine.


I think it was the fear of getting nail fungus again that made me continue to use the product even after my nails were completely healthy.


The good thing about the Nail Care Pen is that you can also use it long-term.


As already mentioned, it consists exclusively of natural ingredients and is made in Australia.


I now know that it is also good for the long-term health of my feet and nails.

The Transformation 

Beating nail fungus has truly transformed my life in ways I never imagined.


Now, I joyfully take my kids to the pool, confidently wearing my sandals without a hint of embarrassment. I've even started yoga classes, embracing my new-found freedom with every barefoot pose.


The fear of infecting my husband is a distant memory, and our intimacy has grown stronger, deepening our connection like never before.


The simple pleasure of feeling his touch without anxiety is priceless.


My journey from shame to pride has opened doors to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

Vegan & cruelty-free, free of chemical additives and completely natural effectiveness

As a convinced user, I would like to share my experience with you and also show you where you can get the Nail Care Pen for nail fungus removal (and all sorts of other benefits).


Important: Please be careful as there are other nail care pens on the market. Be careful and don't buy cheap imitation products from China etc.


Because if the ingredients are not combined in the optimal dosage , you are essentially wasting your time and money.


I would like to save you from that.


If you, like thousands of people, want to achieve the same results, you need this nail care pen, which contains all the important fungal-fighting ingredients in the perfect dosage.


This is the only way you can guarantee your success.


After all , this particular nail care pen has already worked for thousands of people.


And even Dermatest rated the product “excellent”.

*UPDATE:  Due to the high demand, the Nail Care Pen has been sold out several times recently.


There is also currently a discount campaign “for an Early Winter without nail fungus”.


The Nail Care Pen will therefore probably no longer be available soon.

It usually takes 6 – 8 weeks until the product is back in stock.

I can therefore recommend that you grab at least the 9-Weeks pack straight away. 


Many readers have already reported to me that they initially only bought the 3 weeks pack of the Nail Care Pen to test.


When they were convinced of the effect, they wanted to get another pack to completely get rid of the nail fungus. At exactly that time the product was sold out.


The problem is that the nail fungus has to be completely combated so that it no longer occurs again.


And because the treatment then had to be paused for over a month, the progress disappeared.


This is of course very annoying!


Then you have to start again from the beginning.


Therefore, my recommendation is to get at least the 9-weeks pack straight away.


Your purchase is completely risk-free.


I think that's very fair. If you are not 100% satisfied with the effect of Nail Care Pen, you will receive your entire money back.


They can only offer this confidential guarantee because over 97% of customers are very satisfied with the results of the Nail Care Pen.

By clicking on the button below you will go directly to the “NailScienceCo” website.

There you can get an idea of ​​the “Nail Care Pen” for yourself.

It's best to first check whether the products are still available.

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What I like about the Nail Care Pen

1. Consists of 100% natural active ingredients in pharmacy quality and thus eliminates nail fungus in the long term.


2. Not only fights nail fungus, but also nourishes the skin around the nail


3. Has already helped over 10,000 customers


4. Comes from Australia and meets the highest quality standards

What I like less

1. The product must be used daily

In Summary

Overall, the Nail Care Pen completely convinced me. I was able to effectively fight my nail fungus and at the same time helped prevent it from coming back.

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Made in Australia from natural ingredients


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