If you're like many people struggling with nail fungus... You've probably tried to hide them with socks and shoes all year round.

And not just the physical changes (like discolored, crumbling nails)... But the embarrassment and frustration, too.

It's demoralizing and isolating to say the least → the way it keeps coming back, making you feel self-conscious and ashamed.

Fortunately, the root cause of WHY nail fungus is so stubborn can be boiled down to one very simple answer:

it hides deep beneath your nail bed where many treatments can't reach it.

Now that may surprise you, if you thought nail fungus was just a cosmetic problem. But this is simply not the case.

healthy nails are important for:

Everyday Activities

Thick, discolored nails can make wearing shoes uncomfortable


Nails shield the sensitive tips of your toes

Early Warning Signs

Changes in your toenails can sometimes indicate larger health issues


When your feet look good, you carry yourself differently

So as the fungus spreads, gets thicker, and looks even worse…

so does your frustration.


Leading to a constant worry about what people are thinking...


Feeling irritable and short-tempered because you're so tired of dealing with it...


And bouts of sadness when you think about never wearing your favorite sandals again...

The good news is that knowing the root cause of nail fungus should mean it's easy to fix, right?


the 4 most common nail fungus “solutions” fail for 1 simple reason

And if you're reading this... it's probably safe to say that none of these have given you the kind of lasting results you were looking for yet.

(Or they're options you're hesitant to try again because of the cost, the inconvenience, or the potential side effects.)

These so-called "solutions" fail to get rid of your nail fungus for good because none of them address the root cause: the fungus hiding under your nail bed.

Let's break it down:

Solution Misfire #1:  
The "Cosmetic Cover-Up"

Nail polish might seem like a quick fix, temporarily hiding the discoloration and making you feel less self-conscious.

But it's like putting a bandaid on a broken leg.  It might help emotionally for a moment, but the problem is still getting worse underneath.

While polish can be used in conjunction with treatment, it doesn't address the root cause - the fungus thriving beneath the nail.

Solution Misfire #2: 
The "Vinegar Vow"

Home remedies like vinegar soaks or tea tree oil are popular because they're natural and affordable.  They might give the sense of "doing something."

But these often fail because they aren't strong enough to penetrate the nail bed and kill the fungus at its source.

While they might offer mild or temporary improvement, the deeper problem continues, leading to frustration.

Solution Misfire #3: 
The "Prescription Predicament"

Oral medications prescribed by a doctor seem like the surefire answer - they must be stronger, right?

Yet, these carry risks. Potential side effects, negative drug interactions, and the need for liver monitoring can be daunting.

Worse, even with these risks, oral medications often fail to cure nail fungus in the long term. This leaves you feeling defeated and questioning if it's worth the risk.

Solution Misfire #4: 
The "OTC Overload"

The pharmacy shelf is full of creams, ointments, and "miracle cure" serums. With so many options, it feels like one of them MUST work.

Unfortunately, most over-the-counter products are ineffective because they can't reach the fungus where it hides.

This leads to a cycle of spending money, false hope, and ultimately, disappointment as the fungus persists.

your feet deserve an all-in-one solution that targets the fungus at its source, with proven results backed by rigorous testing.

Which brings us to the biggest breakthrough in understanding effective remedies for nail fungus...

Why You Can Only Solve The Nail Fungus Crisis With Ingredients Backed By Scientific Research

You've seen how the usual methods let you down... so what SHOULD you be looking for?

Let's break it down.

A treatment is only as good as its active ingredients.

And an ingredient can only be considered "good" if its effectiveness has been verified through scientific trials.

And when it comes to stubborn nail fungus…

There are 3 standards you should look for that scientifically evaluate the effectiveness of an ingredient:

Dermatophyte Test Method (DTM)

A. Scientifically verifies the solution's ability to kill or inhibit the specific fungi that cause nail infections.


B. Provides lab-based evidence of antifungal effectiveness, not just cosmetic improvement.

C. Demonstrates the solution's potential to tackle the root cause, not just surface symptoms.

Onychomycosis Severity Index (OSI)

A. Standardized tool used by dermatologists to measure the extent of nail fungus involvement


B. Scores factors like discoloration, thickness, and how much of the nail is affected.

C. Allows for clear tracking of treatment progress in clinical studies, providing objective results.

Patient Feedback & Self-Assessment

A. Captures the real-world impact of treatment on quality of life and self-esteem

B. Measures improvement in factors like confidence, social comfort, and pain reduction

C. Provides the human element - proof that the solution works beyond just lab results.

Ingredients that meet these high standards are not only rigorously tested...but also effective.

Meaning they offer the opportunity to ditch the embarrassment and reclaim your confidence.

Well...After 3 years of research and refinement...

We've cracked the code on a synergy of ingredients verified by these scientific standards.  

A formula that sets NEW industry benchmarks. It's no longer just hype → It's scientifically proven.

Introducing ClearNail Pen™

ClearNail Pen™ is the #1 solution for stubborn nail fungus. 

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Made in Austria from natural ingredients

Targeting The Root of the Problem

Designed with a precision applicator for maximum effectiveness, it penetrates deep to target the root of the problem.

It supports healthy nail growth and combats the spread of fungus, restoring your nails to their natural, clear state.

The formula's effectiveness is verified by the same standards used in dermatological research: before/after assessments, lab tests confirming antifungal action, and patient reports on improved quality of life.

3 Breakthrough Ingredients Backed By Scientific Research

Clinically-Proven Ingredient #1: 

Lemon Juice

While known for its culinary uses, lemon juice contains citric acid, a natural compound with antifungal properties.

It complements the action of tea tree oil and creates a hostile environment for fungus.

Lemon Juice can help with:

Lemon Juice's efficacy is backed by:

Clinically-Proven Ingredient #2: 

Tea Tree Oil

This powerful natural oil has been used for centuries due to its antiseptic and antifungal properties. 

It's the hero ingredient in ClearNail Pen that tackles the root cause of unsightly fungus.

Tea Tree Oil can help with:

Tea Tree Oil's efficacy is backed by:

Clinically-Proven Ingredient #3: 

Vitamin E

This potent antioxidant plays a crucial role in skin and nail health.

In ClearNail Pen, it works synergistically with the other ingredients to promote healing and protect from further damage.

Vitamin E can help with:

Vitamin E's efficacy is backed by:

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Made in Austria from natural ingredients

NailScience Co's products have been a massive hit in the nail care world, changing the appearance of countless feet globally.

In light of these incredible results, it's important to note that this solution isn't a magic pill to cure advanced fungal infections. If this is the case for you, then it's likely you need to see a podiatrist.

That said, if you're looking to promote a healthy environment to support nail regrowth and overall foot wellness, our NEW ClearNail Pen is a MUST.

People with stubborn nail fungus love this solution!

Olivia Grace  Verified Review

Rating:  5 Stars

FINALLY, something that works!

As a beach lover, my discoloured toenails were the WORST.  Tried all those chemist creams, nothing.  This stuff did the trick!  Took a few months, but so stoked to be back in my thongs without embarrassment.  Love that it's all natural, too.

Chloe Isabelle  Verified Review

Rating:  5 Stars

My boots aren't so stinky anymore ;)

Long days on the job site take a toll on your feet. Was getting worried about the fungus, and my partner wasn't too happy either! This is easy to use, and my feet feel heaps better.

Emily Rose  Verified Review

Rating:  5 Stars

No more cancelling those nail appointments

Always had to hide my toes under polish. Finally got the guts to go pro, and now with ClearNail, my feet actually look normal!  Wish I'd found this years ago.

Mia Harper  Verified Review

Rating:  5 Stars

Love the clearnail treatment

Didn't think anything would help my stubborn case, but this has made a big difference.  Just in time for summer barbies and beach days!

A Tailored Plan for Optimal Results at the Best Price Possible (Plus Free Shipping!)

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Start Small: If you want to test it out first, choose the 3-pen or 1-pen pack options.

Optimal Results: For the most effective treatment and biggest savings, we recommend the 5-pen pack. This ensures you have enough for the full course of treatment to see the best possible results.

*UPDATE:  Due to high demand, ClearNail Pen can sell out quickly.  Restocking takes approximately 3 weeks, which could interrupt your progress.  Secure your supply today!

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Made in Austria from natural ingredients

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