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Dermatologists warn:

yellow discoloration on the nails is the first sign of nail fungus!

Nail fungus is not just a "cosmetic problem", it's a health problem that's often underestimated! New studies show how important it is to diagnose and treat fungal infections early, as they can be life-threatening if not treated early enough.

19/04/2024, By Amelia Parker

It started slowly with discoloration. But gradually my nail fungus made my life hell. Now I know there is a way out!

There is a saying: “Prevention is better than cure”.

I wish someone had told me that a few years ago when I had nail fungus.

Then I wouldn't have had to suffer with the annoying fungus for years.

Because nail fungus is one of the most disgusting and stubborn diseases there is.

Don’t let it get that far and take preventative measures at the first signs of discoloration.

Above all: Don’t make the same mistake as me!

My name is Amelia and I know the problems with nail fungus all too well.

It all started about 6 years ago when I first noticed discoloration on my nails.

At first the toenail had only turned yellow in one spot and I ignored it at first.

But then the nail began to warp and become brittle.

Other nails became discolored.

Do you know that feeling when your nails suddenly start to turn “yellow”, become curved and brittle and you just don’t know what’s going on?

Maybe you feel the same as I did back then… for me it was initially a “visual” annoyance.

Wearing open shoes was uncomfortable and embarrassing for me.

I always had the feeling that everyone was staring at my nails and thinking I was disgusting.

I haven't gone to the pool or the beach with my family without constantly concentrating on hiding my feet.

It was only when the toenail was almost completely eaten away, “like wood eaten away by termites,” that I took it to the doctor.

I thought: It will be okay, my doctor will prescribe me something and after four weeks I will be better again.

Wrong thought... unfortunately…

When I first went to the doctor, the diagnosis was “nail fungus”.

He gave me a prescription for a medication that I was to use for 3 months.

But 3 months later I was back at my doctor’s.

The medication didn't help.

The nail fungus was even worse than ever before.

Already the second toenail was almost completely “eaten away”.

And the pain of wearing my shoes and when walking got worse and worse.

Over the next few months and years, I tried dozens of different medications from the pharmacy and all kinds of home remedies.

All of them brought only short-term success – or no success at all.

Over the next few months I searched the Internet hoping for a solution.

At first I only found the home remedies that I had already tried…

Then I was offered expensive laser treatments… 

Finally, I came across tablets and varnishes from the pharmacy again…

All this happened over a period of 6 years in which I had to say “ no” to several beach vacations …

I even removed all the carpets from my flat in Bondi because I was afraid the fungus would take hold there and infect my family.

You may think that this is a bit exaggerated?

Not at all.

My dermatologist even strongly advised me to do this.

The dangers of a nail fungus infection are often underestimated.

Not only can your family become infected…

... you also run the risk of the fungus spreading first to your foot and then even further into your body.

Already 10 years ago, a study by the University of Aberdeen warned of the health risks of fungal infections*¹:

I don't want to scare you, but I want to make you aware that you should react at the first signs of discoloration.

To protect your health.

To protect the health of your loved ones.

And because you can get the problem with the annoying fungus under control more quickly.

Don’t let it get to the point where the fungus controls your life.

Because at some point, not a day went by when I didn’t think about the nail fungus.

Before I knew it, the fungal infection had completely affected my quality of life.

That's why I've been looking for solutions so intensively and would like to share my experience with you in this article.

I hope that my experience will help you to save yourself a lot of trouble and pain.

Read the next lines carefully.

You will discover what really helps to get rid of nail fungus and what you can do when the first signs of discoloration appear.

The discovery that changed everything:

After weeks and months of exhausting research for the holy grail of long-term treatments of nail fungus, I came across a new treatment method called the nail matrix method. This method is based on the latest study results from a group of respected dermatologists at the University of Bologna.*²

Through the study, I understood for the first time how nail fungus develops and why it has been so difficult to get rid of it:

So I have summarized this information for you.

In order to understand how you can get rid of your nail fungus permanently, it is important that you know how it arises and why you should act quickly.  

The nail develops in the nail root (the so-called nail matrix) and grows from here.

If you are infected with nail fungus , the fungus enters your body through the nail and travels to the root of the nail.

The fungus takes hold there and attacks the nail , which then forms and grows back.

Your nails then usually turn yellowish or brownish, curl up and become brittle.

What initially looks like just a discoloration becomes really dangerous when the nail hardly grows back or the fungus even penetrates further into the body.

The problem is: As long as the nail fungus is present under the nail bed, the nail will continue to grow back infected with the fungus.

The classic home remedies and pharmacy products only fight nail fungus on the nail itself.

In other words, only on the surface of the nail, not under the nail bed.

For example, varnishes from the pharmacy try to remove the fungus on the nail surface.

The fungus is killed by the varnish on the nail surface and can temporarily disappear...

… however, the active ingredients do not penetrate under the nail bed (nail matrix).

However, the origin of the fungus is still in the nail matrix.

Therefore, the nail always grows back with fungal infection.

I finally understood why everything I had tried before couldn't work.

The study results show that you can only successfully get rid of nail fungus if you fight the fungus at the root

… this is the only way the fungal nail will grow out and a healthy nail will grow back.

To combat nail fungus where it originates, namely at the root, these 3 steps are necessary:

1. In order to reach the nail root, the nail must be “opened” at the cellular level. This allows the antifungal agents to penetrate to the root.

2. Only then can the antimycotic (fungicidal) active ingredients completely kill the nail fungus on the nail matrix.

3. Afterwards, it must be ensured that the nail regenerates and grows back healthily.

Only if you “open” the nail at the cellular level, kill the fungus at the nail root and regenerate the nail, you will have a long-lasting result. *³

According to the study results, this is achieved by combining very specific ingredients:

Lemon juice:

Lemon juice “opens” the nail (on a cellular level) so that all active ingredients can reach the nail matrix (root) directly.

This works because the acid in lemon juice manages to increase the permeability of the nail.

As already mentioned, the fungus is often located deep in the nail and conventional remedies do not reach the matrix at all, but only remove the fungus superficially.

This is exactly where the problem with most home remedies lies.

They can sometimes kill the fungus, but only superficially.

This means that the fungus keeps coming back because it is still in the matrix.

The lemon juice opens the nail and allows the killing ingredients to penetrate properly.

Tea tree oil:

Tea tree oil is an antifungal agent that helps remove nail fungus.

But: Using tea tree oil alone does not work because it does not reach the nail matrix on its own.

This requires a combination with lemon juice, as this must first “open” the nail.

This is the only way the tea tree oil can work on the nail root and kill the fungus from there.

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is a real secret weapon for skin and nail care.

Because: It ensures that the nail regenerates.

Vitamin E is a nutrient that increases the moisture content in the nail bed and at the nail root, thereby nourishing and strengthening the nail.

In this way, dry and brittle nails can regenerate and grow back healthy and strong.

Vitamin E also helps stimulate nail growth so you can get rid of old, broken nails faster.

Vitamin E is found in almost no nail fungus treatments and is a key reason why the Nail Matrix formula works so well.

I know, that was a lot of information all at once.

For this reason, I have summarized the most important points for you in the following graphic:

Based on these research results from the University of Bologna, the product called “ClearNail Pen” was developed by the Austrian company “NailScience Co.”.

The ClearNail Pen is currently the only product that fully contains all of the active ingredients of the nail matrix method.

What ultimately convinced me to order the ClearNail Pen were the many positive reviews from users.

Thousands of Australians confirm the effectiveness of ClearNail Pen:

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Made in Austria from natural ingredients

Olivia Grace  Verified Review

Rating:  5 Stars

FINALLY, something that works!

As a beach lover, my discoloured toenails were the WORST.  Tried all those chemist creams, nothing.  This stuff did the trick!  Took a few months, but so stoked to be back in my thongs without embarrassment.  Love that it's all natural, too.

Chloe Isabelle  Verified Review

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My boots aren't so stinky anymore ;)

Long days on the job site take a toll on your feet. Was getting worried about the fungus, and my partner wasn't too happy either! This is easy to use, and my feet feel heaps better.

Emily Rose  Verified Review

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No more cancelling those nail appointments

Always had to hide my toes under polish. Finally got the guts to go pro, and now with ClearNail, my feet actually look normal!  Wish I'd found this years ago.

Mia Harper  Verified Review

Rating:  5 Stars

Love the clearnail treatment

Didn't think anything would help my stubborn case, but this has made a big difference.  Just in time for summer barbies and beach days!

I decided to try the ClearNail Pen.

What did I have left to lose?

My nails were already ruined anyway...

And it was an unbearable feeling to walk around with such disgusting feet.

So I ordered the ClearNail Pen.

The good piece arrived in the mail a few days later, it was a pen...

Well, no ballpoint pen.

The “ClearNail Pen” is a Made-in-Austria product that consists of purely plant-based active ingredients and is 100% free of chemicals and additives.

As mentioned above, it contains lemon juice and tea tree oil, among other things.

In this product, they were all combined in the optimal ratio – together with other effective active ingredients such as vitamin E.

I was really excited, now I just need this pen to work and then I'll be a fan.

After regular use came the admiration

I don't want to be a spoilsport, but the mere existence of this post should be proof enough that I've finally become a real fan.

Because: This pen worked!

Provided you take the 2 minutes a day and “paint” the affected toenails or fingernails with it.

Because up to 3 applications per day are recommended, I actually used the pen up to 3 times a day.

After a few weeks I saw the first improvement.

Healthy nail started to grow back!

I cannot express the joy I felt as I saw improvement every day and the fungus finally disappeared.

And the best thing: no new fungus appeared!

Week after week, new, healthy nails grew back.

The fungal nail was increasingly displaced.

I have to say: Since I only discovered the ClearNail Pen after my nails were almost completely destroyed, it took 13 months for my nail fungus to completely disappear.

Did it still work?


My advice, however, is: Don't wait as long as I did and use the ClearNail Pen as soon as you see the first signs of discoloration:

Firstly, it saves you a lot of unpleasant looks, especially in summer.

Secondly, you will get faster results and save yourself a lot of time and pain.

The product promised to fight my nail fungus – but I got more than that!

The disappearance of Nail Fungus was just the beginning, the pen held more surprising power.

Even after the fungus was gone, I maintained my routine and continued to use the pen regularly.

The result: My nails started to grow faster.

They grew back healthier and more shiny.

Impact from Austria

I think it was the fear of the nail fungus recurring that made me continue using the product even after my nails were completely healthy.

The good thing about the ClearNail Pen is that you can use it permanently.

As already mentioned, it consists exclusively of natural ingredients and is manufactured in Austria.

I now know that it is also good for the long-term health of my feet and nails.

So, to summarize again:

Eliminating nail fungus: Check.

Nails growing back faster: Check.

Restoring healthy-looking nails : Check.

And very important:

My life has finally returned to normal.

After almost 18 months, I'm so happy to say there are no signs of new nail fungus.

I now go to the sauna and swimming pool regularly again.

I finally feel completely comfortable in my body again.

Vegan & cruelty-free, free from chemical additives and completely natural

As a convinced user, I would like to share my experience with you and also show you where you can get the ClearNail Pen against nail fungus (and all sorts of other benefits).

Important: Please be careful, as there are other ClearNail Pens on the market. It is important that you use this ClearNail Pen. Be careful and don't buy cheap imitation products on Amazon etc.

You are basically wasting your time and money. I want to save you from that.

If you want to achieve the same results as thousands of people before, you need this ClearNail Pen , which contains all the important anti-fungal ingredients in the perfect dosage.

This is the only way you can guarantee your success.

After all, this special ClearNail Pen has already worked for thousands of people.

There is actually no comparable combination of ingredients that helps so well to get rid of nail fungus permanently.

I'll put a link to the "ClearNail Pen" below.

Then you can see for yourself.

Note: This is completely unpaid advertising.

I don't get a single cent for linking.

Even if you buy the product, I will not receive any commission.

But I am writing this article and sharing the link because I am convinced that the nail matrix formula in the ClearNail Pen can help you if you are suffering from nail fungus.

It has already worked for me and thousands of customers.

And even Dermatest rated the Nailcarepen as “excellent”.

*UPDATE:  Due to high demand, ClearNail Pen can sell out quickly.  There is currently a discount campaign running. 


The ClearNail Pen will therefore probably no longer be available soon.

It usually takes 6 – 8 weeks until the product is back in stock.

I can therefore recommend that you get at least the 5x pack straight away.

This way you are on the safe side and there will be no interruption during use.

Many readers have already told me that they only bought one copy of the ClearNail Pen to test.

Once they were convinced of the effect, they wanted to get a second ClearNail Pen to get rid of the nail fungus completely. But at that time the product was sold out.

The problem is that the nail fungus must be completely eradicated once so that it does not occur again permanently.

For some it takes 3 months, 6 months or more.

You just have to stick with it and be patient.

But if you stop the treatment (because you run out and it's sold out), you lose your progress, which is of course very annoying!

That's why I recommend that you take at least the 5x pack.

In any case, the purchase is risk-free , because if you are not 100% satisfied with the ClearNail Pen with nail matrix formula, you will get your entire money back.

The online shop can only offer this confidential guarantee because over 97% of customers are very satisfied with the results of the ClearNail Pen.

By clicking on the button below you will go directly to the “NailScience Co.” online shop.

There you can see for yourself what the “ClearNail Pen” looks like.

It is best to first check whether the products are still available.

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Made in Austria from natural ingredients

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Important Update on the ClearNail Pen!

The company revised its concept again last year.

After ordering, you no longer only receive your product, but also complete instructions by email.

This means that you will be assigned a personal contact person.

I find that really impressive.

This means you are not completely on your own, but you always have a helping hand at your side.

And these people are actually interested in improving your health.

Overall, a very positive development that I wanted to mention in fairness.

Other changes that I noticed positively:

  • 365 day money back guarantee was introduced
  • Customer service has improved greatly
  • There are no additives at all

Here is the link to the ClearNail Pen again.

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Made in Austria from natural ingredients

Addendum to the article

Lots of you have been reaching out with questions since I shared my nail fungus journey. So, I wanted to answer some of the most common ones right here:

Okay, but what's this "nail matrix method" I keep hearing about?

Basically, it's a three-part approach:

  1. Opens up the nail so treatments can actually reach the fungus deep down
  2. Kills the fungus at the source (where your nail grows from)
  3. Helps your nail grow back in healthy and strong

Why do I recommend the ClearNail Pen from NailScience Co?

Because after everything I tried, it's the only thing that's actually working for me.  And it uses that nail matrix method.

But what's actually IN this stuff?

All-natural good things: tea tree oil, vinegar, aloe vera, peppermint oil, lemon juice, vitamin E, and just the basics to mix it all together.

Will it hurt, or have weird side effects?

Nope! Because it's all-natural, it's easy on your skin. No pain, just fighting the fungus.

How long does it take to see results?

It depends on how bad your case is.  Most people see a difference in about 6-12 months, but some see it even sooner!  Consistency is key – gotta use it like they recommend.

How do I even order this thing?

Here's the link.  Heads up: it sells out quickly, so I'd grab a few at once to make sure your treatment isn't interrupted.

Is my money safe?

Absolutely!  They've got a guarantee, so if it's not for you, you get your money back.

Hope this helps! Here's that link again:

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Made in Austria from natural ingredients


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Scientific References:

Trompetta, A. D., & Dutra, V. (2022). Onychomycosis: diagnosis, treatment, and prevention strategies. Current Fungal Infection Reports, 16(2), 38–47.

Gianni, C., Morelli, V., & Longhi, C. et al. (2017). An Overview on the Use of Tea Tree Oil in the Treatment of Onychomycosis. Mycopathologia 183, 643–652.

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